• Wendy Carey

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So I'm reading this article on the Daily Om this morning and like, um, wow, this is spot on for me today!

Over my coffee this morning I was making mental check list in my head of things that I appreciated about my job.

One of the things I enjoy in life is creating spaces and experiences so being a part of the creative team at the Chocolate Hostel suits me.

On occassion I find myself in a position to offer a solution to someone who might just be a little too overwhelmed to find it themselves or be an ear for a younger person offering a positive spin in the form of an idea for a potential solutions to those little problems in life which arise for all of us from time to time.

I feel good inside when I walk into one of our electic rooms and see bright colors and art I've made adorning the walls and doing its job. It makes me feel accomplished when guests compliment some of the changes in the atmosphere around here. Maybe its my way of being of service.

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