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Morning Coffee Thoughts

Morning Coffee Thoughts:

Just openned one of several notebooks I keep to work on my own personal time. Off the clock, meaning business minded mode, for myself or anyone else, this is the time I use each day to gather my thoughts and write down notes for the next part of the future. 

 I have a job I am grateful for and appreciate very much, my co workers are the best and we have some wonderful extended stay guests. Yesterday the pool inspector said everything is a ok, except 1 little gauge that only costs $30. So phew, thats a weight off....especially as pool season is pretty much happening now! I feel fortunate that I don't have to be glued to an office chair, sitting too long is rough on my sciatica.

 Fun Fact...I sit on pillows at work otherwise it starts hurting so feel free to borrow that idea if you happen to have sciatica issues. The good side of that is my sciatica was nearly on fire regularily for a good 6 months at the beginning of 2017, following the car accident of December 2016. Now it is gratefully much more infrequent and manageable as I've learned what aggravates it and therefore, how to relieve it. 

Anyway.... The photo is the thing that 

prompted this morning rambling. I opened up my notebook to this page when I sat down to make some edits and additions to my plans for my future private residence I felt pretty encouraged as my personal preference is to create with love.

 That doesn't mean I don't get cranky, bitchy, over tired and me when I say I do!! That being said, after being blessed with living with a lot of fabulous roomates most of which have been or become good friends and some who have become family over the last few years its time for a private residence family home again and one is in the works so I'm feeling pretty good about that. 

Just so you know I even have ordinary average stressors such as my direct deposit not hitting my account yet, which means I will probably have to cancel an appointment with someone else doing what they do to earn a living and I don't like being part of that kind of chain of events. I'm usually the type of person who arrives early for things so cancelling wears on my soul a bit harder. The person is a wonderful human being who I adore very much. I appologize to Amandine Afonso, Energy Healer, Reiki Master 

The flip side is, I am still grateful I stretched last pay periods budget to include my daughters airline ticket to visit for her brothers birthday as his and her birthday presents combined. It is what it is, things will fall into place. OM. Good morning. 

So I suppose thats a lot of randomness even mushyness this morning. #beinghuman #keepingitreal #itsallgood

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