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Morning Coffee Thoughts


**to be transparent this was yesterday's morning coffee thougths posted on my instagram and copy and pasted pretty much verbatim here this morning because that's exactly what I can fit in my office hours this morning**

See the Original Post with A Soothing video of ocean waves at

Morning Coffee Thoughts I'm #savoring this mornings sunrise while also processing where I am at and where I am going as a #humanbeing in life. I feel I have v

ery much outgrown my #present #position and this #staycation has been about stepping away for a #minute and feeling out what I really want without feeling like a central #character in scripts playing roles for others. I needed time and space to put together my plan to leave the job and what notice I can offer and what days I can work till then.

I needed time to focus on my own #personal available revenue streams and how to #intergrate them more fully into my life. I needed time to work on my rental #house proposal. I absolutely have to have my own space for my family. We've been #reconnecting in various ways and its time for a family home again and the reality is that I am never going to be able to afford it on a $10 an hour job.

I am extremely #fortunate to have #friends and #family that understand that and stand by and #believe in me and my ability to make my own living.

I've had some really great #conversations with #humans that #understand me and my vision. And I am a tad bit worried as my 26 year old son one of his #heroes yesterday, Peter Mayhew who played #Chewbacca.

I am teetering between do I go up and help my friend @smilinggina71 purge her home today or do I stay and wait for my son to get back from yesterdays out of town charter? Momming doesn't end at 18. Now I am going to #shower and get checked out and touch base with my co worker at the job and dear #friend for the past 7 or so years @miaventus she text while I wSas #writing. I call that #great#synchronicity. 😁😁😁 #clearingthepath#teamworkmakesthedreamwork#mswenderful#homeiswheretheheartis

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