• Wendy Carey

Letters Never Sent Love Yourself Project

So in a previous post I talked about my upcoming Letters Never Sent project. I'm finding #myself doing some more fine tuning to the project out line. The hope is to give #human #beings an outlet to Love Themselves!

 It seems to me that our culture has become so distracted with trying to obtain more, to be bigger, better, stronger that its also become our own demise. Its cluttering our homes and our minds. It's causing some #people to beat themseles and/or others for no reason whatsoever. I mean what if we started #celebrating those who manage to be poor and happy.

Maybe they found a way to be #happy without a bunch of stuff and maybe thats ok. Maybe its the other human beings in their life with whom they share joy, #happiness, #love to lighten and uplift the struggles every single human faces. Hell, maybe the poor are the most #Jesus like? 

Because I gotta tell ya, all this religious war-ing abd preaching is a fucking mockery of #human #decenency. I mean its gotta be exhausting to the idiots waging it too. Its so freaking stupid to hate people you don't even know or somehow think you know whats best or better for them or that they should suffer in the name of God. Its a #mockery and bunch of bullshit. God is Love if you're a hater.. Thats on and in you. ✌ comes from within.  #streamofconsciousness #thouggtsunmyhead #criticalthinking #stophate #belove #belight #shine a #light in the #darkness be the #lighthouse #useyourbrain use your #heart 

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