• Wendy Carey

Save the Bees & The Humans

And the humans too!! When I was in Maine last summer something that I noticed where soooooo soooo many species of #bees everywhere. Bumble bees, #honey bees, wasps all in the same #garden. It also made me realize for all our #abundant #tropical fauna in many bees there are NOT. I saw more bees in an hour in Maine than I probably see all year here.

 So whats the difference? Is it spraying chemicals? Is it just the city congestion? Is it pollution? Grateful for the opportunity to experience different areas and a variety of lifestyles. There are so many lifestyles and cultures with in the United States. And a thing I noticed in pretty much every single ine of them is pretty much everyone just wants to be free to choose they way they live their own life. Pretty much everyone just wants a home, some food to eat and some love. A lot of other stuff gets in the way and all of this judging and bullying of human beings is pretty appauling to me at the moment. Sometimes I get almost sick to my stomach at human beings assuming the absolute worst about other human beings just because they do things differently. So..well that thought process just evolved from one thing to another. Its just that kind of day I suppose. #criticalthinking #strwamofconsciousness #contrast #culture #nature #bees #wildflowers #thoughts #observations #mswenderful #wendycarey #art #artist 

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