• Wendy Carey

Re Alignment

So I'm sitting here thinking about the things I've experienced, ruled in and ruled out over the last several years while entering an exciting new stage. and As I approach it I find myself a little bit nervous, all the good ways. A vision, a goal and dream I have had for a long time has continues to be refined and feels like coming to fruition. For what its worth I'm soooo nervous I will some how fuck it up, there I said, I get nervous no matter how well I also know, I totally got this!

For me, personally one of the things about being an artist is feeling the sense that all the rest of society thinks that we all want to be well known, popular or famous. For me, that not the case. I came into the artist world, I supposed you could say, a little bit sideways.

About a decade ago I began really appreciating my own joy in creating. It began with really basic graphic design on t shirts, which was a skill I learned "on the job" during my lifetime and was able to apply to business potential for myself in the future. Maybe they aren't the fanciest designs you'll ever find, that being said, they're kind of cute.

Then a few years down the line, reflections and the magnification qualities of water became of great interest through my camera lens and Liquid Light Photography

Featuring "Transformation" by Wendy Carey

was born and photos of nature in somewhat abstract ways came along also, as seen in Created by Nature where you will find such titles as Orbital Fauna, Tree Lovers, Secrets of Fall and Ascending Life Force to name a hand full.

Eventually I began working with paints and in mixed media works, and developed as style I call Cosmic Surrealism. I've had the great pleasure to speak on stage a various intervals and occasionally I look back with a bit of awe because if you asked me 12 or 15 years ago if I ever saw myself doing any of this I might have looked at you as if you were from Mars or just literally laughed out loud at how ridiculous it would have sounded, yet here I am having done it.

I am sure that I will write more on this topic a little later but right at this moment there is some laundry to fold and a kid to go motivate into taking a hike with his mother down to a lake.

I'm feeling fortunate that bit by bit, I have created a job, lifestyle, career that I can do anywhere allowing me to work a bit and enjoy my son's first visit to his home state in 17ish years with him, on a flexible schedule.

After spending the last couple years happily being, here and there, I am ready to settle down a bit and take the various experiences, mix, match and combine them into creating opportunities for artists to show their work in a more intimate setting and am in the process of negotiating a space.

One of the changes I'd like to see in the world is artists being able to live their passions and to have a place to create an installation of their dreams and slowly but surely, things are falling into place.

I like that feeling a lot. The laundry is calling. Have a great day everybody!

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