• Wendy Carey

One thing leads to the next......

A funny thing happened today. My friend Mike Turner tagged me in this post I shared in a the Artists Supporting Artists Group on Facebook November 1, 2016.

Back then it was a call to interview artists as part of my Broward Start up Now Class. I fortunate to be alerted to the program by a my dear friend Alison and was fortunate enough to have been selected to participate.

As a direct result I ended up conducting several interviews and meeting more interested artists.

Interview with Melanie Oliva

Interview with Jean Luc Thebaud

Interview with Mercury Wolff

Interview with Ivonne Lanza

Interview with Chy Tea

Today seeing the post was a great reminder of how far I've come and stayed the course on my vision to have a residential art gallery.

Why a a residential gallery you ask?

So many reasons they need a separate post.....See what's Next HERE

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