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Next...the 50/50 Gallery is Born

Why 50/50?

Well there is this thing that a lot of people don't know, or if they do, don't really understand about me, for nearly the last decade of my life 50% of any paycheck I earn goes to my ex husband for past due child support. Over the years we have discussed the idea of having the paperwork drawn up to end it once and for all, as of yet, its not happened so I continue on my quest to build a sustainable business that will allow me to support myself AND help others in the process. One of my favorite motto's is Team Work Makes the Dream Work.

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Why a Residential Gallery?

Well, for one, I believe art not only has a place on gallery walls, but also in homes and as fabulous as galleries and art walks are, I believe at times, they can be overwhelming for some people.

Secondly, I would like to offer artists as potential clients a more intimate setting in which to interact with the art and each other.

Third, I'm already scraping by on half, so a home with space to display art and host private events and client visits as well as non public areas for myself, family and team to live therefore helping support the gallery without occurring additional commercial space rental and utilities costs makes a lot of sense to me.

I reserve the right to add more to this in the future, for now I've got to move on to other tasks that need my attention today.

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