• Wendy Carey

I Cried A Bunch Last Week

I cried before I went to sleep and I cried when I woke up. I cried for black lives. I cried for the planet, I cried for covid19 and the fear it has created for human beings.

I cried so much my brain got congested and I had to take a couple personal days from work, which gratefully I could.

I cried for people living in oppression, I cried over my own mental exhaustion, I cried for financial struggle, I cried for those all alone, and those who need a moment to themselves.

I cried for every race, every color, ever gender, and ever single idiot who thinks there is a difference between any of us, as we are all one race, the Human Race inhabiting this planet that could be a Garden for Eden for all of us but instead of putting our heads together those in power are more interested in conquer and divide and some people are more interested in standing by their party rather than using critical thinking.

I cried. I cried so much that I think I scratched my eye. I had to take the contact out of that eye. <sigh> It is what it is, you know? It's healing, it'll be better soon.

Half blind and ultra light sensitive I began the week, feeling refreshed just the same, and got back to the job and doing the best I can to help take care of people.

New contacts are on the way, courtesy of my brother. And soon my eye will be fine and I'll be closer to 20/20 Vision again.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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