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It's Not Always As Easy as it May Look

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Deep Breath. Here I go. I've been having a really hard time. Not just from the Covid19 pandemic either. There I said it. Believe or not that was pretty hard. 😬

The last 3 years feel like a blur of insanity. I've had 8 different addresses in 3 different states. All temporary answers to housing needs.

The house pictured below is available to rent. It is perfect for me. The rent is a very reasonable $1300.

One of the hardest things is that people think I like bouncing all over the place. Its ok, I think understand why they think that too.

I am the sort of person who approaches even the most difficult choices with a positive attitude and a smile on my face. Trust me when I tell you, sometimes its really, really hard, physically and emotionally.

Also, Let it be known, I am not ashamed of being poor. Its helped me understand and have compassion for human beings of all walks of life even more.

It's led me to have hopes, dreams, and dare to begin a photography business.

Being poor led me into the arts world. Being poor led me to doing things I had never dreamed or imagined before.

Things like public speaking on various humanitarian and sociological issues. Things like creating and curating an entire show around issues surrounding adoption. Things like creating Liquid Light Photography and daring to offer it to the masses as a way to end my own poverty.

See I have a full time job, and I like it, the organization I work for and my co workers very much. We are an organization with the motto "We Help People". I like that, I like it even more because its pretty much the polar opposite of the last job I had working for a rich white dude who only ever spoke to me if he was screaming in my face, being verbally abusive and refusing to pay me.

He still owes me $500 something bucks. Yes I contacted an attorney, yes I tried to hold him accountable using proper system channels but $500 bucks isn't enough to get much interest aka help. Eventually, I gave up.

Anyway, back to the point, my income just isn't enough to save up for first months rent and security deposit. I'm not ashamed if that either. I do the best I can with what I've got.

Transient living has slowed my own career goals down and keeping me feeling a little stuck, so I'm biting the bullet and asking for help. The kind of help that can get me in a place and resurrect my business dreams and positive sharing and human rights activism.

I started a gofund me. You can find it here and any help is gratefully appreciated.

I am ready to do better. I am ready to have a place of my own, a place where when my day job is complete for the day I can work on my personal artist career goals which include continuing to grow Liquid Light Photography and revamp my 50/50 Gallery goals into an ebay store with 50% of the profits being donated to charity.

I believe I can do it. In fact, I know I can, looking back on when I last had stable housing which is represented by the years of active participation in the arts as seen here while also working.

How am I going to pay the rent? My 28 year old son and are going to split it. Right now there is no one else I want to live with except him.

He was living in another city with friends when Covid 19 hit. He could have stayed there, but he didn't. He came up to be with me and make sure I was safe and ok and has been sharing expenses with me to keep us both a float.

It's time for us to have a place of our own.

Thank you for reading. I'm looking forward to having a home and feeling more "wenderful" again soon.

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