• Wendy Carey

Let's Talk Transformation

Fire and Water are the essence of "Transformation" Liquid Light Photography by Wendy Carey.

I took this photo in January 2017 at a private event I attended to burn the holidays (put them behind us) and bring in the new year.

I almost didn't even go, I was in a lot of physical pain due to a car accident I was involved in just a few weeks before.

Inspite of the car accident I still felt like I had a lot of good things to look forward too just the same.

To this day I still have the occassionally sciatica flare up, can't sit on hard chairs but the flip side is I got a small settlement which allowed me to finally reunite with my daughter and to fly her to Florida, all expenses paid, for 2 weeks to reunite with her 2 older brothers and spend some real time together as a family.

Interesting how things work out sometimes.

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