• Wendy Carey

Things I'm Doing to Help Myself

Since April I have been renting at The Floating Peacock Airbnb.

I am working full time.

Helping with the airbnb in exchange for a more reasonable rent. My son is helping to.

I am working with a social service agency for assistance as seen in the screen shots of emails below. We've been going back and forth since June 17th.

Well funny, as i was writing I received news that the funding isn't available.

Meanwhile the house is still available I'd love to snatch it up before its rented to someone else. Houses in that price range don't come along very often and to me its more than a home, its an opportunity to resurrect my goals.

It will be nice to have a spot for living AND to set up a functional office and creative space to build the 50/50 Gallery on Ebay when my full time job is completed for the day.

With stability I will be able to help myself better and still be near by to help my friend with her airbnb and offer her a place to stay when her house is rented.

We've moved in and out of the house a bunch of different times during this covid thing.

She has graciously rented me the sanctuary that she usually reserves for herself. Instead she has been sleeping the the bubble tent

and its getting too hot for that in July in Florida. I've got to have my own place soon.

I am accepting donations via go fund me and paypal if you'd like to contribute to solve my housing situation more permanently please use the links below.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day.

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