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Wait, What?? The Scoop Enclosed

Holy crap, have the last few months been intense or what?? This morning after a week of having only one contact lens in due to an eye situation, I new ones in both eyes today, put on a pretty dress and decided to take a look in the mirror and revitalize my spirit after a fairly intense, hot, confusing, mosquito ridden weeks.

I'd bore ya with the drama but you know what, I'm sick of that I thought let me dance it out!

So here's the scoop. I gotta raise some money! I've been living here and there for 3 years. They call that a "transient lifestyle" Yes I have a fabulous attitude dealing with it, that being said sometimes it can be extremely exhausting. I have a full-time job, I bring home $1300 a month, not ashamed of that one single bit either. It is what it is for many of us here in the USA, just not enough to keep a permanent roof over our heads. No shame in succeeding the best we can with what we've got.

Right now I have the opportunity to get a rental house and sign a year lease, offering stability, sense of security, and sanctuary. Maybe then at night, I can continue my efforts to build Liquid Light Photography into a stronger business and subsidize my income.

So I didn't really want to start a GoFundMe, frankly, I'd rather be earning enough money through my own business, that being said, taking jobs just to survive, and live all over the place takes quite a bit of time away from time I could be doing that instead.

I also accept tips and/or donations at

Orders of Liquid Light Photography at Are also appreciated. As is Sharing My Work.

See my Artist Portfolio on Ms. Wenderful at

Thank you. Please Share! SHOW LESS

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