Random Thought on Music and Floating

April 12, 2017

Sometimes I hear a set of music and I find myself floating in it, unaware I am even floating until the moment it is recognized that I am floating, so I wonder was I floating before or did I just begin feeling like I'm  floating when I noticed?  Weird ass Wendy thoughts is what I call them.  Anyhow......This set here inspired those random thoughts.  I found it on The Psychedilic Muse.  More Information and links below. 


Connect.Ohm - 9980 [Full Album]



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1. Evolution 1:1 0:00
2. Snow Park 8:33
3. 9980 17:35
4. Mol 25:45
5. Fossil 34:54
6. Take Off (album edit) 46:01
7. Gentle Perception 52:54
8. Time to Time by Time 58:08 
9. Winter Sorrows 1:06:03

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