Weekly Gratitude and Appreciation Report

June 30, 2017

I am grateful I was able to visit my friend who recently had surgery this week.

I am grateful to have gotten some much needed rest and to remember to make time for rest to keep the rest of life going haywire and feeling overwhelming.

I am grateful to have had time to take care of some personal business stuffs that had been neglected to long.

I am grateful I was able to watch my friends kids while a hospital visit was made and I am grateful I had time to get by the hospital myself. 

I am grateful things seem to be going the direction I'd like career wise.

I am grateful I was able to help my son get somewhere he needed to go.

I am grateful that I am learning more and more about business.

I am grateful I had a couple job interviews this past week.

I am grateful for friends who call to catch up and check on each other.

I am grateful I was able to take the picture of the bird while enjoying some serenity and pretty colors of nature.

I am grateful for amazing humans in my life.





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