Dear Everyone,

May 17, 2018

Would you please do me a favor and select favorite photo of yours from my websitefacebook, instagram or twitter  or imagekind (links below) save it and send it to:

Subject: "Ms. Wenderful aka Wendy Carey"

and write a few kind words, an antidote about how you know me, how I might have inspired you, and/or why you think I'd be great for the position of Sun-Tern? You can read about the opportunity here:

and read my submission letter here:


Please also feel welcome to include a favorite video or blog post too! Keep it a 100 words or less please!  That's Olson Engage rules not mine! 


Thanks for being awesome and helping out! I appreciate it very much!

Ms. Wenderful









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June 12, 2019

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