Are Emotions Contagious by Alexandra Sifferlin

May 30, 2018

Just the other day I finally had a moment to clear our and organize all the photos stored on my camera memory card.  Occasionally I take photos of articles I'd like to come back to in the future, so I supposed I am doing that here and now. 


This is an article by Alexandra Sifferlin  that was in a Time magazine

I purchased in 2017 as both to read and potential future material for scientific and educational art to help empower individuals to have look at, and think for, themselves.   


As a highly sensitive person I found it very interesting and felt it be less new information and more of confirmation of my understanding of myself in general.  Find out more about Highly Sensitive People in the TEDx Talk The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People by Elana Herdieckerhoff


Read Are Emotions Conagious by Alexendra Sifferlin Below:








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