Colorful Ethics

February 11, 2019

So last night nearly comotose from a week of general foolishness, extreme over stimulation, in the cement jungle, I decided to cacoon on the couch, my purple fuzzy blanet serving as my warm and cozy sheild against the world and watched Blurred Lines Inside the Art World  on Netflix. Watch the trailer by clicking play below.




As Gallerist David Kordanasky states at the end of the movie trailer with his arms folded across his chest..."Why aren't we talking about the art"?

Colorful Ethics came to mind.

 If the Art World spectacle isn't your cup of tea, yet your find yourself enjoying bright abstractions and in the market for something neat for your home or office then perhaps  Liquid Light Photography is for you!  


Prints start at $27  Order online!  Avoid the crowds and chaos! Select a single print, framed, or a canvas shipped straight to your door. 

No circus, smokescreens, distractions, just honest pricing for a unique product to enjoy for years to come!


Be a direct part of an business created by a single mother creativity and talent growing and succeeding!   Its not about fame and fortune to everyone.  Sometimes its an investment in the future as seen here!! 


See more Liquid Light and Nature Photography by Wendy Carey at







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